Fabian Kalapuch - NJ District Youth Director  

Fabian Kalapuch is our NJ District youth director. After graduating from Zion Bible Institute in 1992, Fabian and his wife Dawn came to NJ where they served as the youth pastors at Bridgeton A/G for 6 years. In April of 1999, he was elected as the NJ DYD. For the past 20 years, Fabian's vision for NJYM has been a strong desire to see youth realize their full potential in Christ practically, whether during AIM trips and community projects, but also to have supernatural encounters with God at the altars and in their personal relationships with God.    

NJ Youth Department

Representatives & Leaders


Dave Amendola
Assistant Youth Director 
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Andy Lynn
Youth Alive 
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Emily Cantrell
Administrative Secretary 
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Jordan Romero
Northern Sectional Representative
Sean Mogee
Northeast Sectional Representative
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Dan Fisher
Northwest Sectional Representative
Josh Bechtel
East Central North Sectional Representative
Jamal Fletcher
East Central South Sectional Representative
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Frank Lovero
West Central North Sectional Representative
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Brian Petrow
West Central South Sectional Representative
Ben Thomas
Southern Sectional Representative
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John + Lisa Dingle
Fine Arts Coordinators
Matt Jones
AIM Coordinator
Jesse Czubkowski
Teen Bible Quiz Coordinator