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Virtual Conference

Saturday, October 3rd 


COVID-19 has dramatically changed how we are able to connect and meet with one another. It's a new landscape that we're traversing through. For 2020, Blueprint will be a virtual conference, but one that YOU get to create. We'll be giving you access to workshops, worship, and The Word that you can take and create an event for your students either on October 3rd, or whenever you can plan for your group to get together!

Once registered, we'll send a list of all content included so you can build your day.

Last day to register is

Midnight on Friday, October 2.

Link to download materials will be sent

 Friday, October 2.



  • Pricing for this event will be by youth group size:

    • $10 per person up to 50 people.​

    • 50 people + over is a flat fee of $500.

(This includes access to all content curated for this event and the ability to use and reuse this content as you need or as you see fit within your church + youth group.)